White Papers

CalWA will invest in the development of white papers in order to influence policy and public opinion. Our white papers are an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about complex issues.

Editorials & Letters to Editors

CalWA updates the public and media about changes at CalWA and provides its viewpoint on major developments affecting water through press releases and statements issued directly to the public or to its media contacts across the West.

Articles & Interviews

Media outreach in print and broadcast outlets are powerful at achieving awareness and delivering the public information about water policy proposals that affect their families, communities, jobs, health and lives. CalWA has an unparalleled record of placing its views before the public.

Coalitions & Task Forces

Strength in numbers is power. CalWA frequently brokers coalitions and task forces with partners from many different disciplines and viewpoints to address policies affecting specific issues in common that are linked by water policies or threats.

Legisative Proposals

When water issues are at stake in California’s Legislature or the U.S. Congress, CalWA’s advocacy helps legislative staff and committees understand nuances and potential outcomes of bills or budgetary actions affecting water in the West. In exceptional circumstances, such as the 2016 Water-Not-Train ballot initiative, CalWA may sponsor legislation or mount an initiative drive to put issues before politicians or the public.