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Let Science Speak

By Aubrey Bettencourt | Fox & Hounds No matter the crisis, the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB), Governor Brown and the Democratic super-majority-controlled Legislature — despite their best efforts — are no match for nature itself as has been demonstrated during six years of drought and now three and a half months of flooding and massive infrastructure failures. [...]

Ocean vs. Conserved Water

No one questions the need for Californians to avoid wasting water and conserving our precious water resources. Water we need for our people, cities, environment, wildlife, fish and food producers is wasted primarily because California lacks the necessary storage facilities to capture and hold the water during the summer and drought years. California’s Mediterranean Climate means that most [...]

California Water Alliance Issues Statement on Central Valley Project Water Allocation Increase

(California) — California Water Alliance (CalWA) executive director Aubrey Bettencourt today issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s update to its 2017 water-supply allocation for all Central Valley Project contractors South-of-the-Delta to increase expected deliveries to 100 percent of their contract supply for the first time since 2006. “Water reservoirs have been full beyond federal flood-control [...]

A Governor of Two Minds

By Aubrey Bettencourt January 27, 2017 California finds itself in simultaneous — conflicting and confusing — statewide emergencies. Depending on Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.’s whim, we are either enduring a drought emergency or a flood emergency. On the one hand, there is the State of Emergency Declaration of a Statewide Drought, issued January 17, 2014 by Governor Edmund [...]

Court Decision May Mean California Owes Billions In Water Rights

By Aubrey Bettencourt | The Daily Caller Within hours of the release of a potentially adverse federal court decision in late December, the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) extended by two months the open public comment period for consideration of its Bay-Delta Plan. Elements of its plan include an uncompensated mandate to increase flows on several major [...]

As Homeless Deaths Surge, Government Bureaucrats Spend Millions on Fish

By Aubrey Bettencourt | Fox & Hounds Daily The number of homeless people dying on the streets, along the riverbank and under bridges is going up in Sacramento, writes Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee. As the total climbed to 705 homeless men, women and children dying between 2002–2015 tin California’s capitol, state government bureaucrats at the California State Water Resources [...]

Call to Action: WRDA Passes House Heads to the Senate

MEDIA CONTACT Aubrey Bettencourt: 559.816.8691 aubrey@californiawateralliance.org   Call to Action: WRDA Passes House Heads to the Senate CalWA Water Warriors: Now our real work begins. With your help, we have seen California drought relief passed in the House every year for the past five years. As the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA) heads to the Senate for [...]

State lies about our rivers, Delta to feed its craving for ever more water

By Aubrey Bettencourt, Executive Director, California Water Alliance | The Modesto Bee If you go to your doctor and ask for prescription pain relievers even after you’re no longer in pain, that probably makes you an addict. Instead of killing pain, you need those pills to feed an addiction. And you will say anything to get those pain pills! [...]

Can a San Francisco liberal win the Central Valley in the race for U.S. Senate?

By Phil Willon, The Los Angeles Times On water, however, there is a divide. And that’s no small thing where people rely on farming and ranching for their livelihood. “People in the valley don’t vote for party. They vote for issues. There’s no greater issues than water and jobs,” said Republican political consultant Hector Barajas. “With no water, there is no agriculture. [...]

California Ag Biz Loses Equivalent to Ebay Being Wiped Out, and it Could Get Worse

By Aubrey Bettencourt | Fox & Hounds What if I told you California’s economy lost $9.6 billion in revenue last year? What if I told you the governor and the legislature didn’t care and didn’t think you would mind? That’s exactly what happened. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced in October, “In 2015 California’s farms and [...]

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