2016 Articles

Group calls for Congress to investigate Calif. Water plans

New Deadline for Water vs. Train Initiative 

Petitioning for California Water Priorities Ballot Measure Kicks off Friday in Fresno 

Ballot measure that could have derailed the bullet train project is put on hold

California Water Priorities Initiative Goes to Ballot

Proposal would shift bullet train funding for use on new water projects

California desperately needs new surface water

Pouring bullet train money into water development could backfire 

Californians may vote on moving High-Speed Rail cash to water projects

Can bullet train funds help solve California’s water crisis? 

Proposed California Ballot Initiative Would Divert High Speed Rail and Water Bond Money 

Kill high-speed rail and spend money on reservoirs? Proposed California ballot measure sparks debate

Proposed California ballot measure funds water storage projects 

Californians want to ditch High-Speed Rail for Water Storage

Proposed ballot initiative would divert high speed rail and water bond money 

Time for High-Speed Rail Authority to deliver on promises

The Water War & The Cost to African-American Communities 

Kill high-speed rail and spend the money on reservoirs? 

Water Over High-Speed Rail’ Measure Gains SteamCalifornia Water 4 All Initiative still on for 2016, with 2018 as backup plan 

HSR work slated for Hanford

Temperance Flat is answer to environmental groups’ doubletalk

California Cotton Growers Association Annual Meeting

Voters line up to push pro-water, anti-HSR ballot measure 

 Attorney General Harris ‘Green Lights’ Signature Gathering Effort for High-Speed Rail Funds to Water Storage 

Take $$$ From Choo-Choo Train and Give it to Water Needs Like Dams

New Water Conservation Projects May Drain Bullet Train Funding

 Critical California Water Measure in Signature Gathering Stage

DWR White Paper: Water Available for Groundwater Replenishment

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