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What Is CalWA?

California’s most trusted statewide educational voice and authority on California water policy and issues, CalWA advocates for California families, cities, businesses, farmers and the environment.

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California’s neglect of its water needs and our state’s water shortage harms our communities, agriculture, economies, public health and the environment.

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CalWA members statewide are active, involved in raising awareness and working together to create solutions to the water crisis facing California. Join Today!

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Whether you’re an individual acting alone or part of a group of thousands, there’s a home for you at the California Water Alliance (CalWA).

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Help CalWA deliver its mission of improving California’s water. CalWA works year round to influence water policy affecting California and the West.  Your donation helps us improve the quality of the water we drink, make the environment better for endangered species and combats future droughts. CalWA keeps our government accountable for the water resources of California and the West.