Partner With CalWA

At California Water Alliance YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. Together, change becomes possible and dreams are fulfilled.


Whether you’re an individual acting alone or part of a group of thousands, there’s a home for you at the California Water Alliance (CalWA).

Individual Membership

Real change, like water, flows from the ground up. Individuals can help by joining CalWA. Our Alliance is made up of everyday people, like you. If you are interested in CalWA’s mission of fundamentally changing our state and federal government’s approach to solving California’s and the West’s water crisis, join today.

You’ll become an integral part of our effort to reform and improve the state and federal government policies that helped create our water-supply problems. Together and united by our cause, we’ll works towards read solutions that help families, communities, industries, farms and the environment.

Group Membership

If your group’s issues align with CalWA’s mission, programs and campaigns, let’s work together to address them. CalWA’s coalitions, task force groups and internal projects get results. Policymakers, public official, agencies, bureaucrats and elected politicians all turn to CalWA for the facts on issues concerning water, water use, water conservation, water and the environment, and water supply.

We work within and across industries seeking a more fair, equitable and efficient water supply system to serve California’s and the West’s water needs.

If you are interested in partnering with the California Water Alliance as an individual or on behalf of an organization, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you soon.