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State lies about our rivers, Delta to feed its craving for ever more water

By Aubrey Bettencourt, Executive Director, California Water Alliance | The Modesto Bee If you go to your doctor and ask for prescription pain relievers even after you’re no longer in pain, that probably makes you [...]

California Ag Biz Loses Equivalent to Ebay Being Wiped Out, and it Could Get Worse

By Aubrey Bettencourt | Fox & Hounds What if I told you California’s economy lost $9.6 billion in revenue last year? What if I told you the governor and the legislature didn’t care and didn’t [...]

Farms and cities need groundwater to survive

By Aubrey Bettencourt, The Sacramento Bee | October 3, 2016 The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board suggests that it would be proper state policy to wring the last drop of water out of California’s food producers [...]

It’s Time For Environmental Accountability

By Aubrey Bettencourt, The Daily Caller | September 2, 2016 When considering the direction of our nation’s environmental successes and failures, don’t bother listening to me. Listen instead to Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman of Princeton [...]