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Court Decision May Mean California Owes Billions In Water Rights

By Aubrey Bettencourt | The Daily Caller Within hours of the release of a potentially adverse federal court decision in late December, the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) extended by two months the [...]

As Homeless Deaths Surge, Government Bureaucrats Spend Millions on Fish

By Aubrey Bettencourt | Fox & Hounds Daily The number of homeless people dying on the streets, along the riverbank and under bridges is going up in Sacramento, writes Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee. As the [...]

Call to Action: WRDA Passes House Heads to the Senate

MEDIA CONTACT Aubrey Bettencourt: 559.816.8691   Call to Action: WRDA Passes House Heads to the Senate CalWA Water Warriors: Now our real work begins. With your help, we have seen California drought relief passed [...]

State lies about our rivers, Delta to feed its craving for ever more water

By Aubrey Bettencourt, Executive Director, California Water Alliance | The Modesto Bee If you go to your doctor and ask for prescription pain relievers even after you’re no longer in pain, that probably makes you [...]